Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Root Collective

Today, is a day that The Root Collective has been waiting for! It is the launch day for their new spring line! What do they do you ask? I'm so glad you brought up that question! Well, they sell shoes,  scarves, jewelry, and bags. That though, is just barely scratching the surface of what they do. 

Come on a virtual trip with me to Guatemala. There we'll see how the shoes are made and how those shoes are making a difference. 

In the slum of La Limonada in Guatemala City, many of the residents are unable to find work simply due to their address. As you can imagine gang violence is rampant in Guatemala. Children are targeted by gangs, and refusing to join can cause severe consequences, even death.

Meet Otto. 

Otto is a shoemaker from the slum of La Limonada in Guatemala City. The largest slum in Central America. He was raised, like many children in this city, with a knowledge of the streets, each day he was surrounded by the vast number of gangs in that area. He grew up with little support from his parents, which left him vulnerable to the violent environment around him. Otto knew he was different though. He loved to helps others. When he was 10, Otto began working as a shoemaker. Learning this skill helped him overcome his surroundings and help his community. 

The Root Collective partners with small-scale artisan businesses, like Otto, in marginalized communities to promote change though dignified jobs. The artisans they partner with own their own businesses, and set their own pricing. The owners have often times received business training through the nonprofits working in their area and understand how to set their pricing to ensure fair payment to their employees.

Today, Otto has his own workshop. The second floor of his house (which houses his workshop) now consists of a kitchen and breakfast bar, where he feeds his workers breakfast and lunch every day --for free. He hires women in the community to cook for the workers and earn an income for their own families.  Otto pays his workers regardless of whether or not they have work. 

Otto's dream is to involve many former gang members in his business and teach them the skills he has learned. By teaching them, he hopes that they will pay it forward and teach others to do what they have been taught. 

The Root Collective is doing more than selling shoes. They're spreading hope in the most unlikely places. You can partner with The Root Collective and Otto. Head over here to the website and check out the new spring line! The Magenta Diamond Peep Toe is my favorite! You can use the coupon code SPRING for 20% off now through Sunday, 3/8! Also, check out the video below to hear Bethany {founder of The Root Collective} share her story better than I ever could! 

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Shelfie: Paper Hearts by Courtney Walsh

Book Description:Abigail Pressman would never have guessed that love notes penned on paper hearts by an anonymous couple could restore her belief in love. As a business owner in a quaint town at the base of the Rockies, she’s poured everything into her dreams of expansion... and resisting the matchmaking efforts of the Valentine Volunteers, who gather in her store to continue Loves Park’s tradition of stamping mail with the city’s romantic postmark. When Abigail is unwillingly drafted into the Volunteers, she encounters the paper hearts, a distraction that couldn’t come at a worse time. A hard-to-read doctor has become Abigail’s new landlord, and he’s threatening to end her lease to expand his practice. As she fights a growing attraction to this handsome man who seems intent on crushing her dreams, Abigail is inspired to string the hearts in her store, sparking a citywide infatuation with the artsy trend. But when a new batch of hearts reaches the Volunteers, it appears something tragic has happened to the couple. Will uncovering their story confirm Abigail’s doubts about love, or could it rescue her dreams... and her heart?

About the Author: Courtney Walsh is a novelist, artist, theater director, and playwright. Paper Hearts is her fourth novel. Her debut novel, A Sweethaven Summer, hit the New York Times and USA Today e-book bestseller lists and was a Carol Award finalist in the debut author category. She has written two additional books in the Sweethaven series, as well as two craft books and several full-length musicals. Courtney lives in Illinois where she and her husband own a performing and visual arts studio. They have three children.

Book Review: I was a little skeptical since Courtney Walsh is a new-to-me author. However, I really enjoyed reading this book.  The book played like a movie in my head. The storyline and characters were well developed. You found yourself going through the emotions with each character. My favorite character in the book was Ursala. I loved rooting for both characters and though they seemed to be on separate sides. I really enjoyed the fact that love was celebrated all year round instead of just one day. If you like fiction you will love this book. It was beautifully written! 

Reader’s Note: I received this book from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for this honest review.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Put Your Love on the Map

I don't know why but I was shocked when Valentine's Day stuff was out on the shelves January 1st! I thought it was a little much, ya know? I'm not "hating" on the holiday. I just think commercialized love is a little shallow. Nothing says love like over sized animals, sweets, and spending too much money right? Real love can't be found on a shelf. You can't buy it.  It definitely shouldn't be celebrated once a year. 


"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.  By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35

Jesus gave us the greatest example of love. He went to the cross for you and I. For the whole world. Love is sacrificial. It gives every day. It dies to self. It's much more than just a feeling every now and then. It's an everyday decision. 

This year, what if we did something different? God's love compels us as an outpouring of what's already been done for us to love others. What if we put our love on the map? What if we put our love into action? Let's love one another. 

Maybe for you it's giving a little extra to a missionary. Maybe it's going on a mission trip. Maybe it's providing food, giving clean water, sponsorship, or giving bibles. Let's share love in a tangible way. Want to find out more? You can at World Help and put your love on the map! 
In His Love, 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Fair Trade Friday: Box #5

You already know what day it is and it's one of my favorites every month. IT'S FAIR TRADE FRIDAY! Sorry, I didn't mean to yell. I just got a little excited! What's Fair Trade Friday you ask? Fair Trade Friday is a monthly membership club that delivers a box of quality items to your door by the first Friday of the month. The items in the box are fairly traded and provide employment to women all around the world. 100% of the proceeds from each box goes to the empowerment of impoverished women as an opportunity to introduce them to the Gospel. Plus, you will love everything they send you! 

Here's what came in my box this month: 

Reusable gift bag by Friends of Mercy Goods. 

This shirt is from Freeset in India. {front}

Please excuse the wrinkles. Its been traveling. {back} 

Bracelet from The Refugee Project in Houston, TX. 

You all know I love Zambia. I absolutely loved getting a little piece of Zambia in the mail. This soap smells sooooo good!

This lip balm. I. love. it. I have already ordered a few as gifts! Also from Zambia. 

One of my favorite bags so far! Want your own? Go get one! This box employed approximately 7 women! 7 women around the world! Your yes matters! Even in the small things! 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Shelfie: Counter Culture by David Platt

Counter Culture BookBook Description: Everywhere we turn, battle lines are being drawn—traditional marriage vs. gay marriage, pro-life vs. pro-choice, personal freedom vs. governmental protection. And as difficult conversations about homosexuality, abortion, and religious liberty continue to inject themselves into our workplaces, our churches, our schools, and our homes, Christians everywhere are asking the same question: HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO RESPOND TO ALL THIS?

In Counter Culture, New York Times bestselling author David Platt shows Christians how to actively take a stand on the most pressing social issues of our day. Drawing on compelling personal accounts from around the world, Platt presents an unapologetic yet winsome call for Christians to faithfully follow Christ into the cultural battlefield in ways that will prove both costly and rewarding. 

THE LINES HAVE BEEN DRAWN. The moment has come for Christians to rise up and deliver a gospel message that’s more radical than even the most controversial issues of our day.

Book Review: The lines have been drawn. In his new book, David Platt, sounds the alarm for Christians. Is the church even awake? Honestly, I both love and do not love this book. The part where I don't love it is strictly because it calls me out of my comfort zone. It requires me to stand boldly when I 'd rather just be quiet. Issues like marriage, abortion, and sexuality. The solution to the issues mentioned in the book is the gospel. One of my favorite quotes from this book is, "So let us not stay silent with this gospel. Let's not allow fear in our culture to muzzle our faith in Christ."

At the end of every chapter are three practical ways you can take action. First and most important is praying to Him, then participating with Him, and finally proclaiming His Word in the world around us. You can also visit the website to view more resources and buy the book. This is not a feel good, tickle your ears kind of book. It's a call to action. As Christians we've been charged to "walk in a manner worthy of God." Let's do that. 

Reader’s Note: I received this book from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for this honest review.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Shelfie: The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith

Book Description: This (in)courage Dayspring writer, with a strong endorsement from Ann Voskamp, will appeal to women who love God and want their home to be a place of welcome to all.

Popular blogger and self-taught decorator Myquillyn Smith realized years ago that although immaculate-looking homes are pretty in pictures, when she's actually in one, she's not comfortable. Instead, she's worried that she'll spill her drink on the rug, or she's wondering if it's okay to move the pillow out of the way to sit down.

This stay-at-home mom in stretchy yoga pants with expired milk in her refrigerator has stumbled upon the secret to decorating for real people, and it has nothing to do with trying to convince others of our perfection. Myquillyn believes that there is beauty in imperfection, in the lived-in and loved-on and used-just-about-up. Imperfections put people at ease and free us to take risks and create the home-and the life-we've always wanted.

Myquillyn's warm and insightful words are paired with her own gorgeous four-color photos and creative, easy ideas for arranging, decorating, and building a home that welcomes everyone. Readers will learn how to create their own style-without breaking the bank or stressing over comparisons.

Book Review: I should start off by telling you I am no interior decorator. If you've been to my house you are probably painfully aware of that. I decorate in basics. Think functional necessities. I have a few pictures in frames around the house. Most of them people gave me and I just hung them somewhere. Classy, I know. I've looked in magazines before and everything is so neat and put together. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I knew those pictures were way out of my league. I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to just about everything.

That's what I loved about Myquillyn's book! She says, it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. All through her book you'll see beautiful pictures of her home. It's lived in and imperfect. She walks you through the smallest tweaks of making your home beautiful. I generally need inspiration to start from. Her book does just that. From throw pillows and knick knacks to gallery walls and lighting fixtures. Decorate with things you love! Make it home. This book is perfect for those who are decorating pros and those are not. You'll get insight along the way on how Myquillyn started and tips! 

*BookLook Bloggers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.The opinions are my own.*

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy January!

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (so far)! As a family we are really excited about 2015! Last year ended with us really busy! We got back from Africa in August. Then, in October we headed to South America. Joe started his seminary extension courses. We started a new program about missions for kids at our church. 

In December, Kendall made and sold crosses to raise money for Mercy House Kenya. We heard there was a
12 year old
that was pregnant in their program. I shared this with Kendall and she wanted to help! In one month she raised $186! Thank you to everyone who helped her! You can read more about it here:

January has been busy so far too! We started a new homeschool program that Kendall loves! Then yesterday, Joe started his regular seminary courses again at the Baptist College of Florida.

God has continued to work and provide us with opportunities to serve Him in different parts of the world.This year we will be taking part in three mission trips so far! As a family we will head to Ecuador in April and June each for a week at a time. The other  trip will be Joe going to Indonesia. We are asking for you to partner with us in prayer and if God leads for support. These trips will be focusing on sharing the Gospel, preaching, teaching, construction, and building up Kingdom workers for further ministry. 

Thank you for continuing to be a part of our adventure with God!

In HIs Love,

Joe, Jenn, and Kendall Hennis

Contact us:                                                    

Donations can be sent to:
Crosswalk Community Church
77 N. Carpenter Rd.
Titusville, Fl 32796
Please put Hennis Family Missions in the memo line.