Hi! My name is Jennis  (Jenn Hennis) and I am so happy you are here!

First and foremost, I am a Christian! I am not perfect-- you will see a lot of that here. My walk with God is a continuing education process.

"Baptism is preschool enrollment in to a school of learning that one never graduates from!" Daniel L. Akin

I am married to an amazing man named Joe. We live in Florida. He is a pastor here and I get to stay home with our gorgeous daughter, Kendall. We have a heart for sharing Jesus with the nations. I love my family, coffee, books, good conversation, traveling the world, and most of all, Jesus.


  1. Just found your BLOG. I have wondered how your family was/is doing. I know your husband and his mother. So happy to see everything is going well with your family. Love your BLOG.

    Carla Henn/Titusvillle,Fl.

  2. Hi Carla! So glad you found us! Nice to "meet" you! Hope you are doing well!