Thursday, September 19, 2013


Today started like any other day. Coffee brewing, reviewing a new math lesson for Kendall, and scrounging for breakfast supplies. Joe left to go to work on a message and visit some people in the hospital. 

Before I sat down to do school I went to the computer to check my email. There sitting in my inbox was an email from some friends of ours.

"You know that we have been among your fans over the last several years as we watch your growth and your dedication as Christians. Now, seeing you choose to go to the mission field is just the capstone of that growth process - what an incredible journey! Yes, we will continue praying for all three of you. We know that is vital. However, we also know for the trip to even be possible, you will need the support of friends, of family, and of local churches. We have determined to be a part of providing that support. Rather than trying to keep up with sending monthly checks, we have decided to simply make a one-time donation. We trust the Lord will continue to guide, to bless, to strengthen and to protect you all as you step through the process of preparing for the trip and for all you will encounter while you are there."

I just sat there and cried into my coffee cup. Scary dinosaur face and all. God is so good. I'm not sure why I'm continually amazed at His goodness and provision, but I am. He is infinitely good- more than I can fathom. It's all for His glory and a testimony to His goodness.

It's with tears of joy that I am writing today to proclaim of God's goodness. My wife called to share this with me and I just balled, 6'1" and 275 pounds of a man's man. I just shed tears because of the willingness of this dear couple to partner and extend God's kingdom work. God has shown me once again that He is above all and through this adventure, more stories will come, faith will be strengthened, and hearts changed. Praise God for who He is. - Joe

This adventure has just begun. Right now we are a little over 10% of our goal. We'll arrive in Africa in 230 days! We are so excited for all that God has for us through this trip, and are blessed that you all are partnering with us for His work. Thank you will never fully suffice. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

In His Amazing Love,
Joe and Jenn Hennis

"And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19