Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Chitenge

Lovely people, let me introduce you to the chitenge.

That awesome skirt I’m wearing is actually a piece of fabric to cover from my knees and up. Women of marrying age and higher have to wear these. They use them so your shape can not be seen. Showing this area would be equivalent to women in America walking around without their shirts on and nothing underneath if you catch my drift… Not pretty, and you definitely don’t want to offend anyone. You’re probably not going to share the Gospel that way. Chitenges are our friends. 

What I found as we got out into the bush was that women use them for everything! The “good” chitenges are made from a quality fabric and cost about 30 kwacha. That’s about $5 dollars depending on the current rate of currency.

Mostly, they use them for coverings.

Next, would be baby carriers.

Then, blankets for their kids.

Finally, they use them like purses. Tied end to end and stuffed with whatever they need to carry. 

Plus, they make a great covering when you have to go to the bathroom in the bush. ;)

In His Love,
The Hennis Family

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