Friday, April 17, 2015

Kendall-isms #2

Kendall: Gracie {our Great Dane}, you can't come outside to wash the car because you don't have your bathing suit on!

Kendall: I had a racy dream last night.

Joe: You better not have! 
Kendall: You know Dad, it was about people racing.

Kendall: You know how come I fell asleep? My eyes were blinking and my ears closed. I was tired.

Me: Kendall, you know who decides when you watch a movie again {meaning me}...

Kendall: Yeah, Dad.

Kendall: Mom, let's go swimming in that water fountain! 
Me: Fun to think about, not to do. We'd probably be arrested...
Kendall: Well, we could run when they come. I'm pretty sure I'd make it!

Me: Kendall, I'm so hungry I could eat you up!

Kendall: Don't eat me! Lets eat Grandma!
Me: We can't eat Grandma she doesn't have any meat on her bones.
Kendall: Yeah, cuz she's old.

Kendall: Mom, I totally look better than you!

Kendall: Mom, did you see that guy smoking? I held my breath when we walked past him, because I didn't want to get drunk.

Kendall: Mom, you're the boss because your hair is the curliest!

Kendall: I wish they made Lucky Charms with only marshmallows. 

Me: They do for special people. 
Kendall: Who says I'm not special?

Kendall: It's unbeliebable!

So this morning Kendall made blueberry muffins and I helped her. 

Me: Kendall, you did a great job! 
Kendall: Yeah, and my outfit is awesome! 

(We were watching Kendall's caterpillars make a cocoon.)

Kendall: Oh no! The caterpillars butt just fell off!!!!!

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