Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kendall Explains It All

Family and friends always ask us how Kendall does on mission trips. We thought it might be more fun if we answer this from her perspective instead of ours. We asked friends and family to send us their questions. Here goes!

1. What is your favorite part about going on mission trips? 

Kendall: Well, my favorite part about mission trips is playing with the kids. 

2. What is your least favorite part about going on mission trips?

Kendall: In Africa I didn't like most of the food. I don't like nshima or cabbage. 

3. Why do you think it's important to go?

Kendall: Because Jesus calls us. 

4. What do you look forward to doing?

Kendall: Hmmmm... Well, when I was in the airplane I was looking forward to learning what the kids do around there.

5. Did you like Africa or Haiti better?

Kendall: Both. In Africa, I liked hanging out with my friends. In Haiti, I liked playing games with the kids. 

6. How do you feel about seeing children your age living in impoverished conditions?

Kendall: What does impoverished mean? Well, I feel sad for them. 

7. What do you think about how children in other countries interact with each other and their family members? 

Kendall: In Haiti, the kids would fight over fruit and throw rocks at each other because they were hungry. I haven't seen that happen here. 

8. Do you ever need alone time?

Kendall: Yes, I would go inside and take breaks.

9. Do you like trying new foods?

Kendall: Yes!

10. What country would you like to go to next?

Kendall: Oh, that is a hard question! Let's see... West Virginia.

11. What was your favorite food that you tried in another country?

Kendall: In Haiti I liked the chicken and red beans with rice. 

12. What was your least favorite food that you tried in another country? 

Kendall:  Maheu. 

13. Is there anything that people do/cultural practices in other countries that you wish were part of American culture too?

Kendall: Eat their food. 

14. Would you like to learn other languages?

Kendall: I want to!

15. Which languages?

Kendall: All of them!

16. What are the most funny things that you have experienced in other countries? 

Kendall: Laventa, (in Haiti) was the teacher and you had to do what she said or she spanked you with a stick. However, I had no idea what she was saying. She tried to spank me a lot. I had to tell her pa touché! (Don't touch!)

17. What would you tell someone who is afraid to leave the U.S.?

Kendall: Well, I would say that I was scared to go to Africa and Haiti. I got over it by going to those places and learning that they weren't scary. 

18. What would you tell someone who is worried that they might get sick or hurt on a mission trip?

Kendall: I would tell them to pray about it. If they get sick they should pray to God that they feel better. Sometimes, there are doctors and medicine in other counties that would make them feel better. They could bring medicine with them if the airporters let them. 

19. Can you talk to the children without any problem?

Kendall: Yes, sometimes they understand me. 

20. Is there anything else you would like to say?

Kendall: I don't like how they treat dogs in other countries, but they aren't pets like they are in America.

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