Monday, January 30, 2012

It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood...

Today has been an awesome day! :)

Our pastor's eight year old daughter Mags had her surgery today. About six weeks ago she was diagnosed with ASD (atrial septum disorder). Basically she has a hole in her heart that is 2.2 cm and required open heart surgery. She came through the surgery and did great was even breathing on her own afterwards. Her surgeon was perplexed though that she has been so active thus far. The hole was massive and she hardly had any atrial wall. Our God is an awesome God! Pray for her continued healing! She is a precious girl and we love her dearly!

As for us we are having a lovely day at home. It is a beautiful day here! Doesn't get better than being 73 degrees at the end of January! Kendi and I took Gracie on a walk. It was interesting as Gracie is still getting used to the leash. Plus the fact that she was afraid of the scooter. We worked through it and finally made it home!

What are your plans for the day? We are off to do some "school"!  See ya later!!