Friday, July 13, 2012


It's Friday! That means High Five For Friday!!!! Here are my favorite moments from this week:

1. This girl forever has me laughing. 

2. For occasions that require cake and celebration. :)

3. That the hubbs finished his exegetical paper! Whew!

4. #SheReadsTruth started a new bible study today! Woohoo! This one is on prayer!

5. For lazy summer days in the backyard!

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Have a great weekend!!! 
In His Love, 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We had a blast for Kendi's birthday! She had so much fun! It is so much fun to see how much she changes every birthday! She was hilarious! She loved and appreciated every present, the wrapping, and the gift. I am loving this new stage she is in! It was a great day! :)

I'm a perfectionist. You heard me. It is something I constantly struggle with. I want everything to be perfect. If it can't be perfect there is no need to even try. Like when the dog tears something up. I'm practically packed up ready to go get something to fix it or replace it. Literally it drives me absolutely crazy. Logically I can't replace everything just because it isn't perfect. I would have to throw out my whole house. Nothing and no one can ever be perfect except Jesus. I was praying about my perfection problem the other day- it frustrates me. God spoke so clearly to my heart that while I was not perfect, I have perfect redemption in Him. Pray for me and my perfection problem. It may take a whole lot of prayer. :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Small Things

 One small thing in particular turned four today. I can't believe it! She is growing so fast! This day four years ago this would of been happening...

Time hasn't stopped flying since... Since then a lot of this has been going on!

Seriously! It has gone by faster than I could dream of! It has been such a blessing to be a Mom to this little girl! I couldn't be any prouder! Not to say everyday has been easy-- which if you're a mom you know this. Everyday is definitely worth it though. Every second! As much as I teach her she teaches me more. Her love knows no limits, she laughs all the time, when people cry she hugs them and tells them to be happy! She doesn't sweat the small stuff! If she spills something she announces that it is all okay she is going to just clean it up! The Lord has truly blessed me and I know for sure I have developed some callouses on my knees. I walk next to her praying for her. For her life that she loves Jesus and has a heart for Him with everything she has in her, when the trials come that I will have the wisdom to help her, that her spouse will be raised to love God, and pretty much anything else you could think of. Thank you Lord for this beautiful, healthy, hilarious, loving little girl. Guide me and strengthen us as we lead her in her life. Happy Birthday Little Girl!

In His Love,