Wednesday, December 14, 2016

In My Skin: Treatment

Okay, here we go... 

Treatment starts on Monday. I will be having my port put in Monday morning and then my first infusion that afternoon. 

For the first month I will have infusions Monday through Friday. The first week we are supposed to be in Tampa for all 5 infusions. After that week we will visit Moffitt on Mondays (this may vary for the holidays) for infusions and lab work and then go to a local oncologist for the infusions Tuesday-Friday. 

Treatment the rest of the year will be me giving myself shots 3 times a week. As well as going to Moffitt for monthly check ups and lab work. 

Thank you for praying with us for insurance. We got some clarification on our existing policy. After praying we've decided to keep that one.


God is always before us. God orchestrated all of this. He will take care of us during this time. 

Treatment is starting! The faster we start, the faster we finish! 

We will have a new insurance starting the first of the year! 


Pray for my body as it endures the medicine. Pray for the side effects from the medicine as well.

For our family. It isn't just me going through this. They are all living this with me.

For wisdom to discern our finances over the course of the next year with the insurance.

That through this we would glorify God in all that we do. And that we continue to make His name famous. 

Thank you in advance for praying with us!

In His Amazing Love, 

The Hennis Family