Saturday, May 31, 2014

Welcome to Africa!

We arrived in Africa on May 5th, 2014. The flights were great just a little exhausting from lack of sleep on the plane. Our flight was from Orlando, Florida to Frankfurt, Germany, to Johannesburg, South Africa to Livingstone, Zambia.

We wanted to show you some of Overland’s Rapid 14 base where we are living while not out doing ministry or on an expedition.

This is our tent!

This is the main base. We have meals here, worship, and church. It’s also where everyone hangs out.

The gorge here at Rapid 14.


Goodnight from Zambia!

Keep praying! We’ll try to update when we can!

In His Love,
The Hennis Family


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shelfie: Changing the World Starts with Jesus

There I was on a hot day in June praying over my husband's mission trip to Africa while running errands. I kept thinking through everything I could think of to pray for Joe and his team. I stopped only to listen to God. It was then that He got a hold of my heart. 

He asked me to say Yes. 

I said No.

He asked me to say Yes, again.

What's it for?

Say Yes. 


I need you to surrender to Me. 

It's really a shame I'm not stubborn right? I said Yes. It was then that I got the call for missions. I never saw my yes coming. A month later I stood as my phone rang at one o'clock in the morning. It was Joe. He was on the other line in Africa fumbling through words to try to explain that we would have to go the following year as a family. Little did he know I was already ready. Funny how God works, huh? 

It's been less than a year since I said yes to God for a dream I didn't even know I had in my heart until He put it there. I wish I could tell you I feel adequate for the upcoming mission trip to Africa for three months with my husband and five year old daughter.

Or that I'm prepared...

Or brave...

Or organized...

Or have cleaned my house...

Or that I have the corner market on faith...

I'm not. I don't. To be honest I'm a hot mess. None of it hinges on me though, its all about Him. All He asks is that I say YES! Everyday. Even in the mundane day to day stuff like dirty laundry (the clothing kind), milk spills, fruit loops in the dog bowl, different shoes on my feet, losing my phone or keys for the umpteenth time that day, etc. Or in the bigger spend a quarter of your year sharing the Gospel in Africa with people who have never heard the good news way. 

"God didn't wait for me to get my life together before I said yes--He accepted my willingness in the middle of my mess." - Kristen Welch

In her new book, Rhinestone Jesus, Kristen Welch invites you to say yes in your mess. As I read the book it felt like I was sitting across from Kristen at Chik-fil-a sipping sweet tea while she shared this amazing story of redemption. I've been following Kristen's blog We are THAT Family for about four years now. I thought this book would basically be about Mercy House Kenya. It was about so much more from marriage, ministry, motherhood, and everything in between! This book caused me to lose sleep, cry in public places, and dream again. Rhinestone Jesus propels and inspires you to do your yes, whatever that may be! 

This book is for those that have ever been hurt, or feel they've lost their identity, have ever been mean to your spouse, those who don't follow the culture of the world, struggle with making dinner, have one of THOSE families, are a mother- basically if you're breathing- you should read this book! It's a beautiful story of how Jesus is changing the world. Lucky for you, it comes out today! Go order it!

I'm in the middle of my mess, literally. Currently there are colorful bags, boxes, clothes, and supplies strewn across my living room floor. In five days my family will be in Africa. I'm excited and terrified. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else though. Thank you for prayers and support! 

"God wants us right in the middle of our mess because it's the perfect place for Him to shine through our imperfections." - from Rhinestone Jesus by Kristen Welch

In His Love,