Thursday, March 1, 2012

Speaking Clearly...

Good Afternoon!!! We started the day off at the park! It is a gorgeous day here! We have been really blessed to have only a few days that actually felt like winter! My girl LOVED it!

Today marks 3 months of having our Dane, Gracie. We love having her and she is Kendi's BEST FRIEND! It's fun to see how fast she grows! Here are some pics... :) 

2 months

3 months

4 months

She has changed a lot in the past few months. Now her favorite toy is Charlie. I don't know where we got the name... Her favorite is tug-of-war. Other than that anyones shoe that is left unattended-- is instantly shredded. :(

Also her ears are doing all sorts of fun things!

Lots of personality in those ears! The breeder we got her from just had another litter of puppies! Gracie has new half-siblings! :) We got her from Adorable Danes. Everywhere we go we get comments on how gorgeous she is! If you have time you should check out their new puppies! SO CUTE! Pastor says I should stay away from that page because I want to bring them all home! :)

The other day was a killer for me... I couldn't get my stuff together... I didn't even where the same shoes! You know those days?

Oh you thought I was joking about the shoe thing? Nope. I didn't even notice it. Someone else did. I realized I had made a mistake earlier that day and had to call, admit it, and try to get it resolved. I heard about it for the next two hours. Right at that moment before I got mad God spoke so clearly to me. He said, "Aren't you glad that when you admit your mistakes to me it's over and you're forgiven?" I WAS! I just broke down in tears of gratitude. Thank you Lord for always forgiving me! Now I just have to remember to treat others that way and pray that God remind me! How about you? How is your week going? Hope it is blessed! 

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