Saturday, August 2, 2014

Somehow It Felt Like Home

When your from Florida you become an expert on things like sunshine, rain, flip flops, beaches, theme parks, fishing, etc. At least in my opinion...

For instance, during the spring and summer months you can expect rain at 3:00 in the afternoon. We generally have summer all year long. We expect rain all year. Sometimes seasons like "winter" in Florida are a sprinkling of cold days or weeks over three months, if that.

Seasons in Zambia go something like this from April to October it's dry and cold and November to March is hot and rainy. So one thing that NEVER happens in Zambia during dry season is rain. If you hear rain during dry season it's probably a baboon urinating on your tent.

I never expected to miss rain. Until, you go to a place where there isn't any rain for six moths out of the year.

I have rain withdrawals. I may or may not miss home a bit. Just sayin'...

When we went to Victoria Falls the other day the mist from this thunderous waterfall was amazing! For the first time in a few months there was green everywhere I looked! It was humid! We had on rain jackets and we were drenched! Kendall and I danced in the mist! It felt very similar to a torrential downpour it certain spots. Joe and Kendall jumped in puddles! We spied more rainbows then we could count. We loved every second! You never realize how much you miss something until it's not there anymore. I enjoyed the view and the mist so much I walked through it numerous times.

Somehow it felt like home...

In His Love,

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