Saturday, August 9, 2014

Until then...

If you're reading this then we're in the air somewhere and our season in Africa has come to an end for this year. It's bittersweet to leave. Actually, I don't want to. Africa has a way of getting under your skin and into your heart. Really, it was probably always there because God put it there.

The things I've seen and experienced I'm still processing. God has done amazing things in the past three months. Not only in the lives of the people we've met but in our lives individually as well.

I can't possibly describe to you the love that God gives you for people you've just met. They are nothing like you and yet it doesn't matter. People who know little to nothing about Him. A love I've never known before. It's all encompassing. I couldn't help but hug many of the women after we left to go to the next village.

I didn't expect it to be so hard to leave.

It is though.

At the same time I'm excited to go home. I'm looking forward to seeing loved ones and having the comforts of home.

We feel like we know what steps God has next for us. Then we'll back.

So, until then Africa, I'll be missing you.

In His Love, 

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