Saturday, September 20, 2014


I feel like I should preface this next statement by saying I am pretty emotional in my normal circumstances. Meaning at home in normal everyday I'm emotional. I've never cried more in my entire life than when I was in Africa. I felt like in three months I cried more than I have the rest of my days combined. Near the end of our trip I asked God what was up with all the crying? He responded that at one point I had asked Him to break my heart for what breaks His. He did.

We left for Africa broken from ministry and a recent miscarriage, but clinging to the hope that we have in Him. When we got there God told me there wouldn't be anyone to hold my hand through this experience- except Him. Be ready. 

Africa changed so many things for our family.

Our perspective was now skewed from our American culture. We learned a new and stronger dependence on God. As a family, we relied and leaned on each other more than ever without our normal cushion of family and friends. We watched our five year old share the Gospel and wash feet. We embraced a love for people greater than our comprehension. Spending time with people and just getting to know them with irrelevance to time was crucial. Showing them God's love and their importance and value to Him. While also learning that no matter where you go people are people. We are all just broken and in need of a Savior. The message we take is the same no matter where we go. 

We loved the people, the place, and the ministry. It truly is the dream job. We went to Africa thinking we were going to the field right after that. However, God called us home for the time being. We felt as a family that God wanted us to finish our commitment of Joe completing school, then we would go back to field, and finally returning home for Joe to be a senior pastor. Taking family mission trips every year so we don't get too comfortable until we go to the foreign mission field.

I was sad to come home- I won't lie. What I was sure of though, was that the same God that called me to Africa was the same One that was now calling me back home.  

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD." 
Isaiah 55:8

Going changed our ministry as a family. God rebuilt us in Africa. He redirected our focus. We couldn't be more excited about it. Not to mention what is still to come! 

Beauty from ashes. 

In His Amazing Love, 

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