Tuesday, September 9, 2014


So, its been a month since we left Africa. Crazy, right? It's been great to be home but we miss being there.

Since we've been home there were things we had to get used to. Obviously, the time change was a killer! A/C froze us out after not having it for three months. Africa was dry so the Florida humidity is well, humid! Soda, seriously American soda is terrible. We don't drink it anymore. Being time oriented again instead of event oriented. I loved it because I was never late! 

More than anything God gave us this incredible love for the people that we got to minister to. 

Being a missionary is the dream job. We were blessed to do it for three months. 

In honor of that we're sharing the video we made for our time there. So here's a small peek into our time in Zambia! We hope you enjoy it! 

Please pray for missionaries around the world and the people they're reaching with the Gospel!

Thank you all for journeying with us! 

In His Amazing Love,
The Hennis Family

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