Friday, March 20, 2015

Fair Trade Friday: Box #6

It's one of my favorite parts of every month. You know, when my Fair Trade Friday package comes- it's so much fun to see what's in it! I know maybe it seems frivolous to spend money every month on "novelty" items.


...100% of the proceeds from each product go toward the empowerment of impoverished women as an avenue to introduce them to the Gospel.

Can you put a price on that? 

Do you see the writing in blue? That's my favorite part. 

"Your box employed approximately 5 women this month."

This is the Justina coin purse from Clothed in Hope from Zambia, Africa. Supporting them means empowering women to benefit communities in Zambia. It means bringing them hope.

This is the Love Mercy Bracelet from Mercy House Kenya in Kenya, Africa. You can either buy one for $10.00 or you  can order a kit of 25 for $10 (to cover expenses and shipping) and serve Mercy House by putting the bracelets together and selling them to friends and family or sending them back for us to sell. Kits are available in the store. 

These cotton washcloths are from The Refugee Project in Houston, Texas. All the items are handmade by refugee women of Burma, Bhutan and Nepal who have been relocated to Houston, Texas by the United Nations for religious and ethnic persecution. By purchasing an item, you are empowering women by helping them meet some of their basic needs.

 This is the "By the Sea Cuff" from Tukula in Jinja, Uganda. Isn't it gorgeous? Do you see Esther's face? I love it so much. 

Your yes matters.

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