Monday, March 23, 2015


This girl. 

I can tell you a million things about her. 

I love all of them. Even the ones that drive me crazy. Most likely because I see her daddy and I in those habits.

She sees things in rainbow colors and not just in black in white. She sees beauty in people that many times I overlook simply going about my day to day tasks. 

She stops me to look at the "flowers" {weeds} in our yard. She stares at them and makes remarks about their shapes and colors. She notices the details and the small things. 

She keeps us laughing. We've dubbed them Kendall-isms. I don't know where she gets it, but it totally makes sense to her. Here are a few of the ones she's used lately

{Joe and Kendall were looking for shells at the beach.}
Joe: Don't pick up that shell Kendall, it's ugly.
Kendall: Daddy, don't call God's creation ugly!

Kendall: Mom, can you make me a PB&J sandwich? I would but I'm a bad steward of the jelly! Last time, it was on me and the floor. It was not good!

Kendall: Mom, can you stop getting older? I won't like you older. I like you now while you're gooey and snuggly.

Kendall is reading to me today and all the sudden stops. 
Me: Kendall? Where are you girl? 
Kendall: I'm thinkin about movies and Cadbury eggs...

Kendall: My face is sticky because I poured my face into it. {Cadbury egg}

Kendall: Mom, you're eating carrots and hummus again?
Me: Yes.
Kendall: Well, I like carrots. Especially sweet ones. They help you grow! Does hummus make you grow?
Me: Yes.
Kendall: What's in hummus?
Me: Mostly garbanzo beans.
Kendall: I don't want to grow that much.

Kendall: Man, that guy looks old! He looks like he could be Vice President or something!!

One day in school we learned about Turkey. In Turkey you can buy a drink called an Ayran (eye-ran), which they can buy at McDonald's, is 2 tbsp. of plain or Greek yogurt in a glass of cold water. So we made it. 
Kendall tried it. 
Kendall: "Give me a break. That's disgusting!"

We ran into a little boy and his family that Kendall sometimes plays with. He was struggling to remember her name and gave his mom several variations which included "Candle". 
Kendall: "I don't know how it's hard to remember my name. I've remembered it my whole life!"

Kendall: Don't worry Mom! I brought extra clothes in case I need to be more fashionable.

Kendall: Hey Mom, when I'm older do you want to go hunting with me?
{Kendall LOVES animals...}
Me: You know you will kill animals when you go hunting right?
Kendall: Mother, I was not talkin about that kind of hunting. I don't want to kill God's creation. I was talkin about treasure hunting. I think there's treasure at Bruster's...

My favorite though is when she says, "Mom, I'm so boring!" I always get a good chuckle when  I hear her say it. What she means is that she's bored. I've tried to explain to her the right way to say it, but she doesn't get it yet. So for now, it's just funny! 

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  1. LOVE these! and all of you, too!
    Tell Kendall she doesn't have to worry about you getting older & losing your "gooey and snuggly", those things "improve" with age!!! =)