Monday, May 25, 2015

Kendall-isms #3

Kendall: I speak bear. Aren't you impressed?

Kendall: Do you love my outfit? You know how I know I look good in it? I looked down.

{Kendall gets up from a nap and gives me a huge hug!}

Kendall: My hair feels cool after I slobber in it.

Kendall: Today was the best day ever! It wasn't the worst day, because that day would be a disaster. Today wasn't though!

Kendall: Guess what Mom? 

Me: I don't know K, what?
Kendall: Sometimes, I fart when I run.

Kendall: Mom, I had a terrible accident while I was twirling. I broke my ankle on the door knob.

Me: How?
Kendall: {Showing me her elbow} See?

Kendall: Mom, I'm pretending I'm a secret agent! Did you see those bad guys in the parking lot? They're killing flat tires with their swords!

Kendall: Mom, guess where I am? 

I tell her where she is. 
Kendall: How do you always know where I am?!
Me: Moms have super powers. 
Kendall: I don't believe that's true.

{Earlier that night I had looked at Kendall's tonsils.}

Kendall: Mom, I looked in the mirror, but I couldn't see my tentacles.

Kendall: Mom, look at this! What does it do? 

Me: It's a tape deck. It plays tapes. 
Kendall: What is a tape?

Kendall: Will in the morning be tomorrow?

Kendall: Mom, I don't want you to get old! Then you won't be able to go on any more adventures with me!

Kendall: You know why you always have to be the queen? Because you're tall and a mom. Plus you're smaller than Daddy.

Kendall: Mom, I need toilet paper! Don't come in here though! It smells like plants! 
Me: Girl, that does not smell like plants!

{Joe went fishing today and got really sun burned.} 
Kendall: Wow Dad! You look hot! 
Daddy: That's inappropriate!

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