Saturday, May 16, 2015

wheels on the bike

For Christmas my girl got a beautiful new bike from her grandparents. She absolutely loves her bike. For a six year old it translates into new freedoms with new opportunities. 

Like becoming an expert at jumping off her bike right before it crashes to the ground. "I'm okay Mom! I'm okay! I just jumped off." I didn't know I was raising Evel Knievel. I should have seen this coming though. We always say Kendall should of been born with a helmet. The kid has no fear. 

Or scouting for onlookers to view her bike riding triumphs. "Did you see those boys Mom? I know they saw me riding my bike. You know they thought I looked cool!" I am getting glimpses of what she's going to be like later. I'm not ready for that yet. If she could wait until I'm like 50 maybe my heart can take it then, ya know?

Today, the thing that brought her the most joy was putting a Barbie bike on her handle bars so she could ride around with Elsa. I feel like I might have needed a degree to get the bike on said handle bars. 

As I watch her riding her bike around with the little Barbie bike and her anchor tights I know for sure these will be the easy days. The days when kissing her boo-boos still works, Barbie bikes make me "the best mom ever", or playing secret agents in the neighborhood while the neighbors look on confused. 

It's going by so fast. This motherhood thing is ever evolving. I feel like once I master one stage and have gained the wisdom it procures; she has moved on to a new stage and we start all over again. Who keeps wiping off the game board? 

As she continues to grow she's only going to get more freedoms and opportunities. Time keeps rolling on kinda like the wheels on her bike. I'm not sure what's to come. I hope it will be more about Jesus and less about drama. Until then, I'm just going to try to enjoy the days while I still know the answers to her questions and have the solutions to her problems. Like, "What is a tape?".  If you don't know the answer to that question you won't find it here. I've decided to only explain that once, because it makes me feel old. Mmmkay? 

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