Monday, November 14, 2016

In My Skin: Moffitt

Today, we had our first appointment at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa with my oncologist. I had the best people with me who kept me laughing all day. We started the day off with orientation and familiarizing ourselves with the McKinley Campus.

Over the next two weeks I will have multiple appointments for an MRI, CT scan, blood work, and another appointment with my oncologist. Right now, my chances are 50/50 of the cancer reoccurring. We were given a lot of information in an hour. They would like me to be in a clinical trial. We have a 22 page report to read and two weeks to read and pray about whether or not to be a part of it.


I have insurance! We have a portion that we will have to pay each month, but are so thankful that the Lord provided it for us.


For our family. It isn't just me going through this. They are all living this with me.

For wisdom to discern the information we are being given. As well as clear direction and guidance for participation in the trial.

If I participate in the trial, pray for my body as it endures the medicine. Pray for the side effects from the medicine too.

Most of all that we would glorify God through this.

Thank you in advance!

In His Amazing Love,


Kendall loved her "room".

Moffitt has an area for patients and families. Kendall got to paint which she loved.

Blowing bubbles while we wait!

Waiting to see the doctor.

Doctor Hennis?


  1. Man I hope you come out ok... miss you guys and thank you for being such a wonderful leader by example. God is good ������������������

  2. We will definitely continue in prayer for the entire Hennis family. So glad that the people and facility are so nice!

  3. Prayers will continue, and praying for discerment from our Abba Father, to make His Will known.
    <3 <3 <3