Tuesday, November 29, 2016

In My Skin: Unremarkable

The Journey continues! Yesterday, we had our second appointment with my oncologist at Moffitt. They did blood work and an EKG. The doctor was happy with those results. We also went over my MRI and CT Scans that were done last week. Both of them came back clean! No evidence of metastasis! PTL! The scans said over and over that this or that organ was unremarkable. It is my new favorite word!

So in the next 3 weeks we will start treatment due to the way melanoma sits in the body and the fact that I am super high risk of it coming back. We have chosen to fight now instead of later. As we start treatment, I will be scheduled to have a port put in as my veins tend to give everyone trouble. As we continue on the path that God has laid, we continue to exalt Him and rejoice for He has not changed His love for us. 


My scans came back clear!


For our family. There are lots of changes coming in the next year. 

Pray for my body as it endures the medicine. 

Pray for the side effects from the medicine too.

Pray that I would keep focused on Jesus.

Most of all that we would glorify God through this.

Thank you for continuing to pray with us!

In His Amazing Love,

Momma was making me laugh to keep our nervousness at bay!

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  1. ALWAYS LOVE <3 Good News before going to sleep <3
    And of course all those BEAUTIFUL SMILES ...
    THANK YOU, LORD JESUS <3 <3 <3