Friday, September 18, 2020

Fair Trade Friday September Box

 This month’s Fair Trade Friday box was un-🐝-lievable! The theme for September’s box was Bee Kind. It included:

1️⃣ Honeycomb Soap Bar made refugees resettled in Houston, Texas. I love the honeycomb design on the top of the soap! K says it smells like an oatmeal cookie! 

2️⃣ Ceramic Beehive Soap Dish made by Prodigal Pottery in Birmingham, Alabama. They offer employment to wen who are fleeing homelessness, domestic abuse, and sex-trafficking. The soap dish has a honeycomb design complete with little bee 🐝 imprints! 

3️⃣ Raw Honey Sampler made by Hon’s Honey in Baltimore, Maryland. They offer dignified work to women at risk of addiction, abuse, poverty, sex-trafficking, and prostitution. 🍯 

4️⃣ Wooden Honey Dipper made by Ethikos Home in Thailand. Artisans rely on orders like this one to earn enough to sustain their families. Creating these honey dippers provided 33 people with 937 hours of dignified work.

5️⃣ Gold Hexagon Earrings made by Starfish Project in Eastern Asia. They help provide exploited women in Eastern Asia with the opportunity to experience freedom, establish independence, and develop careers. Purchases of Starfish Project help provide employment, safe housing, counseling, vocational training, and educational opportunities. This order of earrings created 311 hours of work for 18 employees. 

6️⃣Gratitude Bracelet made by Mercy House Global in Kenya. Started in 2010, Mercy House started with a dream to help pregnant teen moms in Nairobi, Kenya. Now, Mercy House fully funds 3 maternity homes in Kenya funded by generous families who believe in their mission. 

What’s your favorite item?

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