Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Husband Rocks

A few weeks ago my family went out to eat breakfast together. I was wearing this t-shirt from Union 28 (that they don't carry anymore) that says "My Husband ROCKS". When we were seated the waitress came up to us and asked me, "How much did your husband pay me to wear that shirt?" "Nothing, I wear it because he does indeed rock." She didn't know what to say and walked away. I'm not saying this to pick on our server- please don't think that. I think servers are under tipped, over worked, and not always treated very kindly. 

What I am saying is that in our culture we don't see many married couples praise each other. We see them complain about each other. We see celebrities trash each other in the papers. We see married couples mocked on TV shows where usually one of them is portrayed as an idiot.

Ladies, can I just challenge you? Love your husbands. They need that encouragement as much as we do. They need to hear that they have done a good job! They need to hear that you love them! They need to hear that you appreciate them! They need to be spoken to kindly and respected. Treat them the way you want to be treated. You might be surprised. They may return it in kind.

The best thing you can do for your kids is love their Daddy. One day they may be married too. They are going to need godly examples of marriage. Make sure you give them one- yours.

Disclaimer: I am in no way saying that I have a perfect marriage. We mess up a lot. Thankfully we do a lot of forgiving. :)

In His Love, 

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