Monday, July 22, 2013

Salty sweet

Yesterday at church, our Pastor and his wife announced they were answering God's call to a new church. People say bittersweet, but I don't care for that word. I say salty sweet. Salty because there were a lot of tears and sweet because they are going where they are called trusting God every step of the way. Rejoicing with them their new assignment brought back a rush of memories I wouldn't trade for anything.

  • When Pastor first came to town seven years ago he met Joe at the Caffe. Joe waited on him and PJ invited him to church. Not long after they met, Joe went to church there. It started a friendship with eternal glory.
  • Two years later Pastor married us. His sweet wife said I looked just like Carrie Underwood on my wedding day. 
  • After that, we walked through the darkest time of our lives to date. We were pregnant and Joe was desperately struggling with drug addiction. It was after our daughter was born at the height of Joe's addiction and selfishness on both our parts that Joe and I separated. Even after Joe tried to commit suicide, accepted the Lord in the back of an ambulance, and going to rehab they were there. They kept speaking Truth into our lives. 
  • There were many days and hours for a full year that you would find Joe and PJ at a round table in the Caffe talking about the Bible. Joe asking Pastor questions on page after page of legal pads.
  • Being baptized. 
  • Recommitting our marriage.
  • Dedicating Kendall to the Lord.
  • Taking over the children's ministry and investing in the lives of our kids. Including their sweet daughter.
  • PJ ordaining Joe as a pastor.
  • Praying for their daughter as she had heart surgery, and praising Him as she was healed!

Those are just the highlights! They were there walking, praying, and dreaming with us every step of the way. It is with full hearts and a lifetime of friendship ahead of us that we rejoice for their new adventure  with God in front of them. His plans are perfect! We are praying for them and their new church family! We love you!

In His Amazing Love,
Joe and Jennis

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