Thursday, August 8, 2013

Never Will I Ever

There are certain foods I DO NOT LIKE to eat. (Sorry about all the yelling!)

1) Onions

2) Yellow Rice

3) Peas

I do not eat them Sam-I-am.

Yesterday, I was searching for something good for dinner. We didn't have church and it was going to be a good time for family and relaxation. I came across this recipe on PW's website for Chicken Tikka Masala. It looked really good except it held those three ingredients. Blech.

The onions I decided I could chop up really fine and I would be okay. They smelled so good cooking with the butter which is a first for me...

Next was the yellow rice. I don't think I have eaten yellow rice since I was five. Literally. Just the smell of it can make me gag sick. All I had to do was put Basmati rice, butter, chicken stock, and tumeric in the rice maker and walk away. I was pretty sure I could do that. Then if I didn't like it I could always make my own rice.

The rice was actually really good. Maybe it's a particular spice they use to turn it yellow? I don't know.

Dinner was really good. I think what surprised me most was the verocity in which my five year old was eating the new meal. Kendall kept telling me, "Your a really talented cook, Mom!" So the onions and homemade yellow rice are good. I won't be saying never will I ever eat that again, because I might just like it. 

What? The peas you ask? Ummm... I decided I was being adventurous enough for one day. That we would go for chocolate chip cookies instead. ;)

Hope you're having a great week!!! 

In His Love, 


  1. LOL... very cute. What about the mushrooms??

    1. There weren't any in the recipe for masala? Maybe you're thinking of marsala?