Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fair Trade Friday: Box #4

As you know... The first Friday of every month is one of my favorite days! That's the day my Fair Trade Friday box arrives! To learn more about these boxes check them out here

In each box now comes this fancy card! I love that they note how many women the box employed! This month all of my items were from India with the exception of the bag from Mercy Covers! 

This bag is from Mercy Covers. Mercy Covers is an outreach of the St. Bryce Missions that provides skills training, personal finance management, education, discipleship, and meaningful work for women in rural Costa Rica.

The is bracelet is called "Pharoah's cuff". It's from Mata Traders. I couldn't find the exact bracelet. You can read about Mata Traders and how they came to be here

This is the needlepoint necklace in black also from Mata Traders. I found one similar here

This market tote is from JOYN. You can read about their mission here and find a tote for yourself here

I also got a lanyard from JOYN. Which is currently on my keyring. You can find them here

I loved all of my items. I love that fair trade goods get shipped to me every month. I'm seriously in love. I get to help empower women around the world and Fair Trade Friday helps me do that. They take all the guess work out of it! So much fun! 

Thanks for loving mercy with me!

In His Love,

P.S. I also won this from Mercy House Kenya. Some of you asked where the items were from so here you go. 

1 & 2. Crocheted Pot holders from The Refugee Project.
3. Purple Coin Purse from Mata Traders.
4. Clutch from carry 117.
5. Headband from World Finds.
6. Necklace from Mercy House Kenya.
7. Blue Maasai bangle from Global Crafts. (Kenya Collection)
8. Beaded silver plated bracelet from Global Crafts. (Kenya Collection)
9. Recycled earrings from the Takataka Collection. 
10. Lanyard from Joyn
11. Garden Party cuff from Mata Traders.
12. Chevron "Your Yes Matters" Farm House Tote from Mercy House Kenya.

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