Friday, January 30, 2015

Shelfie: The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith

Book Description: This (in)courage Dayspring writer, with a strong endorsement from Ann Voskamp, will appeal to women who love God and want their home to be a place of welcome to all.

Popular blogger and self-taught decorator Myquillyn Smith realized years ago that although immaculate-looking homes are pretty in pictures, when she's actually in one, she's not comfortable. Instead, she's worried that she'll spill her drink on the rug, or she's wondering if it's okay to move the pillow out of the way to sit down.

This stay-at-home mom in stretchy yoga pants with expired milk in her refrigerator has stumbled upon the secret to decorating for real people, and it has nothing to do with trying to convince others of our perfection. Myquillyn believes that there is beauty in imperfection, in the lived-in and loved-on and used-just-about-up. Imperfections put people at ease and free us to take risks and create the home-and the life-we've always wanted.

Myquillyn's warm and insightful words are paired with her own gorgeous four-color photos and creative, easy ideas for arranging, decorating, and building a home that welcomes everyone. Readers will learn how to create their own style-without breaking the bank or stressing over comparisons.

Book Review: I should start off by telling you I am no interior decorator. If you've been to my house you are probably painfully aware of that. I decorate in basics. Think functional necessities. I have a few pictures in frames around the house. Most of them people gave me and I just hung them somewhere. Classy, I know. I've looked in magazines before and everything is so neat and put together. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I knew those pictures were way out of my league. I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to just about everything.

That's what I loved about Myquillyn's book! She says, it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. All through her book you'll see beautiful pictures of her home. It's lived in and imperfect. She walks you through the smallest tweaks of making your home beautiful. I generally need inspiration to start from. Her book does just that. From throw pillows and knick knacks to gallery walls and lighting fixtures. Decorate with things you love! Make it home. This book is perfect for those who are decorating pros and those are not. You'll get insight along the way on how Myquillyn started and tips! 

*BookLook Bloggers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.The opinions are my own.*

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