Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthdays, Cupcakes, and Isaac

The weekend was fun! Although today we are dealing with some bands from Isaac. Isaac means "he laughs". It appears his name is true to form. It looks like it's going to get ugly. We shall see! Nothing better to do than snuggle up and watch movies.  I know last time I said to bake cookies, but we can't bake cookies every time it storms here! :)

Saturday we baked some really yummy cupcakes for my cousin's birthday. Have you ever heard of Death by Oreo Cupcake? Go here!

It seemed like we had cupcakes all weekend. Saturday there were cupcakes at the benefit. Kendall loved it. Two rows chock full of mini cupcakes.

More pictures...

She had a blast! She especially loved her Fish Skinz hat. She is still wearing it! 

Hope you all have a great Monday! 

In His Love, 

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