Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cereal Killers and Cupcakes

So my girl decided she wanted cereal last night. She's in that stage where she is independent and wants to do everything herself. It didn't end well for the cereal. 

 Maybe you remember this from earlier this week?

For the record, Gracie does not eat Fruit Loops. She does however love Frosted Flakes. I learned that I would much rather sweep up Fruit Loops than Frosted Flakes for obvious reasons. Who knew I would be more thankful for Fruit Loops? :)

The zoo on Thursday was really fun! Mom and I brought Kendall, my cousin Lauren, and a little girl I babysit for. We laughed all day and sweated much the same. IT IS HOT OUT. Sorry I know TMI. I loved hearing all the things Kendall has to say about the animals. She is in love with cheetahs right now. We showed her some jaguars and we were corrected that they were cheetahs. It's hard at her age to tell a real difference, okay my age too!

Some pics from the day:

This morning we're making cupcakes! Tomorrow is my cousin LeAnna's 14th birthday party! We are making her Death by Oreo Cupcakes. :) Girl loves Oreos! We are off to clean the house, and later we are headed to a benefit for a law enforcement family. See you tomorrow! Have a blessed day! 

In His Love, 

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