Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mixed in with Everything

Hey! It's been a little crazy over here. School started in our house. It's kind of messy. In a good way! My girl is learning and having fun! :) 

{My dining room table looks like this!}

{My girl is doing things like this though. 
Which makes it all worth it. This is letter "A".}

So last week I tried something new with my food. If you knew me you would know I don't like trying new things with my food. Ever. I kept seeing people eating sweet potatoes with almond butter. So I decided to eat try it one night with salmon and rice. 

As I sat there trying to make sure my foods didn't touch and scooting them around so they would avoid contact. I wondered if in my life -like on my plate, I treated Jesus that way? If I compartmentalize my faith moving Jesus around my life to avoid the places I didn't want Him to go. Yes, Lord you can have my church life, my married life, my parent life. No, Lord don't go there! That part is just a little too personal right now. I feel a little bit too much conviction if you go there. 

Have I given You my whole life or just a fraction? It's easy to say the answer I want to be true, but it is entirely different to actually live it out. As quickly I was thinking this question the most prominent area I don't let Him go came to mind. It's funny, whenever my foods even began to blend in the same direction it makes me nervous. However, the thought of Jesus not touching every part of my life didn't. 

Lord, I don't want to give you a fraction of my life. I don't want to try to sit on your lap as you lead my life and dictate where you should go. I want you to have all of it and all of me. I want you to be present in all areas of my life. Help me every day to give it all to you. I love you and live to praise you! Thank you for all you do in my life! 


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