Friday, January 4, 2013

When doubt meets reality...

So a few weeks ago hubbs and I went to dinner with some of our good friends, Justin and Megan. During the course of the dinner Justin let my husband borrow a book. Megan and I always tease about our husbands and their books. I thought nothing of this particular book. Except last week when my husband decided he's going to the mission field. Have you heard of this book? It's called FIVE Who Changed the World by Daniel L. Akin. My husband is encouraging me to read it now. 

I will follow where He leads. I'm just a little terrified scared of the mission field. My husband-- he isn't helping. He keeps saying stuff like, "Just think how easy a mud hut will be to clean!", "I wonder what kind of wild diseases we will catch?", or my least favorite "Could you imagine having a baby on the mission field?".  Not exactly the kind of encouragement I am looking for. Especially bringing my daughter. All I can think about are anacondas and malaria. 

I know it's mostly about comfort and fear of the unknown. Here everything is at my fingertips. If someone gets sick we go to the hospital. If we're hungry we go to the store. What do we do there? What will it be like? 

Pray for me that I'll remember that His provision is bigger than my doubt. That in the time between now and then God would change my heart for missions.

In His Amazing Love,

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