Thursday, February 5, 2015

Shelfie: Counter Culture by David Platt

Counter Culture BookBook Description: Everywhere we turn, battle lines are being drawn—traditional marriage vs. gay marriage, pro-life vs. pro-choice, personal freedom vs. governmental protection. And as difficult conversations about homosexuality, abortion, and religious liberty continue to inject themselves into our workplaces, our churches, our schools, and our homes, Christians everywhere are asking the same question: HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO RESPOND TO ALL THIS?

In Counter Culture, New York Times bestselling author David Platt shows Christians how to actively take a stand on the most pressing social issues of our day. Drawing on compelling personal accounts from around the world, Platt presents an unapologetic yet winsome call for Christians to faithfully follow Christ into the cultural battlefield in ways that will prove both costly and rewarding. 

THE LINES HAVE BEEN DRAWN. The moment has come for Christians to rise up and deliver a gospel message that’s more radical than even the most controversial issues of our day.

Book Review: The lines have been drawn. In his new book, David Platt, sounds the alarm for Christians. Is the church even awake? Honestly, I both love and do not love this book. The part where I don't love it is strictly because it calls me out of my comfort zone. It requires me to stand boldly when I 'd rather just be quiet. Issues like marriage, abortion, and sexuality. The solution to the issues mentioned in the book is the gospel. One of my favorite quotes from this book is, "So let us not stay silent with this gospel. Let's not allow fear in our culture to muzzle our faith in Christ."

At the end of every chapter are three practical ways you can take action. First and most important is praying to Him, then participating with Him, and finally proclaiming His Word in the world around us. You can also visit the website to view more resources and buy the book. This is not a feel good, tickle your ears kind of book. It's a call to action. As Christians we've been charged to "walk in a manner worthy of God." Let's do that. 

Reader’s Note: I received this book from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for this honest review.

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